peaceful protest

Lithographic Prints, each 270mm x 225mm, 2023

Peaceful Protest numbers 2,4,5,6,7,9,11’ are a series of lithographic prints part of a larger body of drawings, prints and sound recordings, called Peaceful Protest Cali Dec 4th 2019. They relate to a national strike protest, in Cali, Colombia, on that day and attended by McLoughlin while on residency at Universidad del Valle, Cali. It was part of a series on mass protests across Colombia demonstrating against a number of actions of the then Duque government, including tax reforms, pension cuts, lack of implementation of agreements from the 2016 Peace Process, and in defence of indigenous people and rural activists . It was a cross generational, cross society movement for political change. The protests were predominantly peaceful and represented a coming together of a broad coalition for positive social change, and the Peaceful Protest Cali Dec 4th 2019 works are an acknowledgment of this.