is mulhuddart

2018, 5 channel networked video installation

Is Mulhuddart is a phenomenological experiment in seeing conversation. The text is shown here as a 5 screen video installation (a screen per person) as a ‘transcription array’. There is no sound, the audience watches the conversation. The piece forces us to examine and reflect on what incurs in a conversation. What is said and importantly what is unsaid…. We can see the silence.

Is Mulhuddart was made with members of the Mulhuddart Priority Task Group and in particular the Building Community Voice subgroup who recorded a spatial conversation which was then transcribed. The conversation is around Mulhuddart identity, histories and forming of community voice and activism over the last 40years The conversation is also about ‘Mulhuddart’ the place name, it’s use, times it’s not used and how to insure the name and identity is reinforced?