ideal homes


03“From 2001 South Dublin County Council through the South County Dublin Traveller Accommodation Programme provided 310 traveller families with accommodation. 166 families expressed a preference for Group Housing as opposed to halting sites.

It is the dynamic of this choice that interested McLoughlin, and in particular the consultation process between families being accommodated and the local authority design team. The Ideal Homes project explored the notion of home and centred on housing for Traveller families within the local authority of South County Dublin. It involved the artist meeting weekly with five residents of Kimmage Manor Way, all adults, all on a one to one basis, over a year or so. The process involved meeting up in each person’s home and talking together about the idea of home.  The meetings informed how the commission progressed and the evolving ideas were documented through series of drawings, collage and audio tape recordings. The works that emerged were interpretations and expressions by the participants and the artist of the notion of the ideal home.

An exhibition of work that came out of this process was held in the Parish Hall at Kimmage Manor during the month of August 2001. This exhibition comprised of an installation involving soundwork, drawing and collage. The audiowork involved the five residents giving tours through the dream homes and discussed what home means to people. Five lightweight sculptural drawings representing perspective views of the dream homes. A limited addition audio CD was produced in Febuary 2002. It featured narratives and recorded drawing. The narratives were tours of the dream homes and were developed from exhibition the previous August. The recorded drawings were made by revisiting some of the conversations recorded during process and were made by amplifying the drawing surface.”

– text from South Dublin County Council public art website