starry plough

7 channel spatial sound map

Duration 1hr 15 minutes. 2016

starry plough - inst02 - michael mcloughlin 2016starry plough - inst01 - michael mcloughlin 2016

Starry Plough is spatial audio recording, mapping a conversation that took place in the Banner Room of Drogheda Museum Millmount, April 2016. Millmount houses the largest collection of Guild and Trade Union Banners in Ireland.

Gathered together for this recording were Noel Bailey, Margaret Clinton, Francy Devine, John Devitt, Kevin Gallagher, Donnchadha Mac Raghnaill, Eamon Thornton

The Guild and Trade Union movements in Drogheda represented in the banners in Drogheda Museum Millmount trace social and political histories back to the late 18th century and into the early 20th century. They tell a story of changing society, of national movements seeking fundamental rights for workers and for the individual. The banners have been witnesses. They have been present at public protest, during expressions of solidarity and for celebrations of community. The conversation here begins from this starting point

*Installation view, Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda. **photos Eugene Langan