welcome back

Welcome Back efforts to track and record travel, migration and movement. All areas of particular interest to McLoughlin.
McLoughlin has recorded a number of documentaries both with residents of St. Margaret’s and of the wider settled community in Ballymun. In these short audio clips, interviewees recollect their journies into the Ballymun area, some having travelling from other parts of Dublin such as North Strand and Finglas, others having travelled from as far away as Salford and Yokohama.

For this exhibition McLoughlin presents a series of light and sound based installation pieces representing his own efforts to document and make tangible the movement of people in and through Ballymun. – Paul McAree 2007

Welcome Back was one of many outcomes from this residency. The project was commissioned by Breaking Ground and was developed over a 2 year period working on St Margerets Halting Site in Ballymun. While much of McLoughlins work focused on overcrowding and issues raised by residents he worked with. This body of work took a broader view, looking at sense of belonging and sense of place. There had been halting site is St Margeret’s for over 30 years. This work focused on creating an inclusive narrative, a history of Ballymun that included the Traveller Community that have made it home.